FYROM: The implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the judiciary and the public administration reforms, still leave a lot to be desired.

 There is no need of a new framework agreement, EU Ambassador Erwan Fouéré said Monday, pointing out that the existing one remains vital for FYROM’s stability, prosperity and EU-integration process.

It has been emphasised in several occasions that FYROM’s road to the European Union leads via Ohrid. We shall say once again that it may be done only by an effective implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, Fouéré told reporters during his visit to local administration of Ohrid.

There have been some weaknesses in the Agreement’s implementation process, Fouéré said, expressing belief that focusing on the existing document and its full realization is in favor of all ethnic communities in FYROM.

There is no doubt that Menduh Tachi, leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), has noticed shortcomings in the implementation of Ohrid Agreement in several spheres, such as the education, Fouéré said. If additional efforts are being invested in the agreement’s implementation, Tachi’s announcements and demands will not be necessary, he added.

 There is no need of new agreement as the existing one has been contributing  substantially to the political stability and meritorious for the country to become a candidate for the EU-membership in 2005. I believe that it is in the state’s best interest to focus on the Ohrid Framework Agreement and provide for its effective implementation, Fouere said.

EU ambassador Erwan Fouéré in the statement with Radio Free Europe (RFE) said that FYROM notes improvement in some areas important for European integration however there are many deficiencies in meeting two criteria.

– In FYROM the legal reforms still lag behind, there are still no evidences which show that judiciary is fully independent and very little progress is achieved in public administration reforms, Fouéré said.

The structure of career that is to be respected should be set in relation to the public administration, he said.

– The bad habit that happened oftentimes in the past should be eradicated – civil servants to be dismissed when new administration comes to power both at national and local level, EU ambassador Erwan Fouéré said in the statement with Radio Free Europe.


from the Skopjan Information Agency

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