Five more Journalists resign from A1 TV

Five more Journalists resign from A1 TV

Monday, 29 June 2009

Tough year for A1. First, it became the first receipient of this year Foscar, and today, Mina finds that Snezana Lupevska, Elizabeta Galevska, Maja Jovanovska, Mirjana Mircevska and Miomir Serafimovik have all quit A1 Television.

This leaves A1 with …. no journalists? Sources close to the people who quit have told MiNa the journalists have had dissatisfaction with the TV station on many levels. 

This included, but not limited to resentment towards the owner Velija Ramkovski, disagreements over A1’s news reporting which for more than a year has been Anti “Macedonian” and bizarrly pro-Greek. Because of this our sources say, the TV station has lost good deal of funding, there are less and less FYROMacedonian companies willing to use A1 for advertising and opt for Kanal 5, Sitel etc.

Because of the large drop in revenue, A1 TV slashed the salaries of their employees, including the above mentioned journalists who are now working at Kanal 5.

These factors contributed for what seems to be an exodus of A1 employees to various TV stations.
A1 TV currently lists over 50 journalists on its website , however 99% of them haven’t worked for the TV station for more than two years and some of them had quit the company 10 years ago, but still appear on their website.