Skopje’s Unrelenting Provocations against Greece

 Ivica Bosevski continues to depict FYROM as a victim while continuing to ignore his government’s unrelenting provocations against Greece. The refusal of his government to make reasonable concessions that are consistent with historical and geographical realities in the Balkans is precisely the reason why this dispute with Greece remains alive. Over the past year, media reports circulating have stated that Skopje has been building memorials to Alexander the Great throughout the territory of FYROM. American and European officials have in fact criticized the government in Skopje for antagonizing Greece with these pathetic gestures.

The position of the Greek government is solidly based on factual historical and archaeological realities with regard to the name and heritage of Macedonia. Greece has made substantive gestures toward the government in Skopje by establishing diplomatic relations and Greek businessmen have contributed to the economy of this neighboring State by investing in it. In return, Skopje has responded to Athens with gestures of utter contempt and disdain. Surely, Mr. Bosevski and his colleagues are aware of the rights of Greece to the Macedonian heritage, and to the strong feelings of the Greek public toward their past history and present borders.

Yet, Mr. Bosevkski and his colleagues continue with their intransigent position and continued provocations at the expense of a potential friendship which could lead to the prosperity of both countries. All the government in Skopje needs to do is recognize what numerous scholars and academics have long since known, that Alexander the Great and the Macedonian heritage are irrefutably Greek. The comments of Mr. Bosevski that most citizens in his country have never travelled abroad are quite revealing in that their isolation from the world explains that they have never been exposed to objective evidence with regard to Macedonia, only the propaganda from within.

Theodoros Karakostas
HEC Executive Committee

Source: GreekNewsOnline

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