Fouere unwanted, but will stay…

Fouere unwanted, but will stay… PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 July 2009
Red faced EU representative Erwan Fouere earlier today found out from his EU bosses that Skopje has requested for his removal from the country.

The FYROMacedonian Government has asked the EU to remove their office from the capital, citing the fact there is no need for it, as there are no more reforms or “benchmarks” to be met.

EU Representative Fouere has had a sour relationship with the FYROMacedonian Government for two years now, and is known to be very close with the FYROMacedonian opposition, in particular with the SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski.

Fouere’s constant critique of the Government and the invention of new ‘benchmarks’ that seem to apply only to FYROMacedonia and no one else, only jeopardized his stay in the country.

After Slovenia, FYROMacedonia is the second country to formally request to the EU to remove/recall Fouere. Considering the fact Mr Fouere has been a EU Representative only in these two countries, it certainly is something he should not be proud of. 

The last information MiNa received is that it seems Mr. Fouere may get more chances to meddle in FYROMacedonia’s affairs as the EU is unlikely to recall him. This does make for a very strange cohabitation, i.e. the EU representative is staying in a country where the Government publicly states he is unwanted!