Tempi Theatre inaugurated, with Aeschylus’ ‘The Choephori’.

Tempi Theatre

The Tempi Theatre in the region of Omolios, central Greece, opened to the public with Aeschylus’ “The Choephori” (meaning “The Libation Bearers”), the second part of the”Oresteia” trilogy, performed by the Thessaly Theatre Group. 

   Aeschylus (ca. 525 B.C.) is regarded “the father of Ancient Greek tragedy”. He has written between 50 and 90 plays, but only six of them still exist: “The Persians”, “Seven Against Thebes”, “The Suppliants” and “Oresteia”, a trilogy consisting of “Agamemnon”, “Choephori” and “Eumenides”.

   The 600-seat theatre, which was inaugurated on Sunday afternoon, is situated on the outskirts of Tempi, nestled between Mt. Olympus and Mt. Kissavos, with a breathtaking view of the Aegean and the Pinios River delta.

   The theatre is planned to acquire a second tier in the future, which will double its seating capacity.

   It has been built in an old quarry, while the former building premises in the quarry have been converted into a spaceous three-story building housing the actors’ dressing rooms, as well as an exhibition center and a conference center.

   The stage itself has been designed so as to be able to host a variety of other cultural events, including concerts and exhibitions.

Athens / Macedonian News Agency

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