West Macedonia: The environmental issues, a top priority for Greece.

Prespa Lake

Prespa Lake programme in EU’s top 5

The ‘LIFE-Nature’ Programme 2002-2007 developed by the Society for the Protection of Prespa and WWF Hellas, designed to protect and preserve bird species in the Mikri Prespa Lake of the Florina Prefecture in northern Greece, has been named as one of the top five environmental programmes carried out in the EU during 2007-2008.

    Its results were presented during a press conference on Friday at the village of Pyli in the Prespes Lake region, attended by the local mayor and officials from regional authorities, the agriculture ministry and the environment ministry.

    Organisers reported an increase in the bird population around the lake and the construction of a dam to regulate the water level, covering the irrigation needs of farmers and livestock breeders in the area while at the same time restoring some 100 hectares of wetlands that provided a habitat for large populations for fish and birds.

    According to spokeswoman Marianna Vlassi in statements to the ANA-MPA, the Society for the Protection of Prespa was continuing to fund actions designed to ensure integrated management of the wetlands – even though the programme was officially completed – but she stressed the need for financial support and specialised staff from the state.

Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency

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