Anti-Greek Hysteria shows up its ugly face again in FYROM

Vandals burned the Greek flag in the  city of Struga during the early hours of Sunday. The Greek flag was displayed amongst several other country flags due to the international poetry event held each year.  The international poetry event in the city of Strouga is considered one of the greatest cultural events in FYROM and it is conducted every year since 1966. In 1985 the first poetry prize awarded to the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos.

 Local authorities are conducting an investigation to identify and arrest the perpetrators, who took and burned the Greek flag in an unknown time . The event comes to be added in the list of Anti-Greek activities in FYROM and highlights the huge problem of UltraNationalism and Intolerance against Greece and Greek People which are consciously cultivated in FYROM’s society.

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We should read or publish Posidippus the Macedonian poems there. Maybe SlavoSkopians would recognize the language of Macedonians