New corruption scandal with FYROM’s police – Victims: Unsuspected Foreign Travellers!!!!

Unsuspected Foreign Travellers fell victims of two FYROM’s police…gangs!!!

A new Police Corruption scandal hit FYROM a couple of days ago. According to Balkan Insight, a number of… 22 policemen from FYROM that had been employed at their country’s main border crossing with Serbia, were arrested early Tuesday on suspicion of taking bribes from travellers!!!!

 The officers, who worked at the Tabanovce crossing, were under surveillance for almost eight months in a police operation dubbed Boomerang, Interior Ministry officials revealed at a Tuesday press conference.

The officers allegedly operated in two criminal groups, the officials said. One group consisted of 16 members, while the other one had six members. 
Both groups took bribes for [actions] they were otherwise obligated to complete,” police spokesperson Ivo Kotevski said.
The policemen are due to appear before an investigative judge in the capital Skopje.
It is claimed that their usual targets were foreign travellers who were approached to pay bribes to secure a swift passage through the busy crossing. The groups gathered each evening to split the money among their members.
This sends a clear message that crime simply does not pay,” Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska said in an interview with Sitel TV.
PS Of course it also sends a clear message that if you are a foreign traveller better choose a much better and more safe destination!!!

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