The Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA in a duly convened meeting at its 63rd National Convention held from July 9 to 13, 2009 at Pieria, Greece:

1. We strongly oppose the decisions of the Government of Greece and certain Political Parties to accept a compound name with a geographical qualifier.

2. The Pan-Macedonian Association expects from the Greek Government, the Political Leadership of Greece, the United States Government, and the rest of the International Community that the final agreed upon name of the country of The FYROM, should clearly differentiate the residents of that country from us, the Macedonians.

3. The name Macedonia is unquestionably a historical and cultural heritage of Greece.  The history of Macedonia and particularly its name are NOT NEGOTIABLE and as a paternal legacy cannot be ceded to third parties.

4. We expect that the permanent name of the country of The FYROM shall express its multiethnic nature and shall permit all its inhabitants to co-exist peacefully; therefore the name should have an ethnological qualifier.

5. We shall never accept, for the country of The FYROM, any name that will include the term Macedonia or any of its derivatives.

6. We demand that the people of Hellenic origin residing in The FYROM  be accorded all their human rights.

7. The Macedonian identity belongs to those who feel Hellenes from the province of Greece, Macedonia. The Macedonians are Hellenes.

8. It is our sacred duty to continue our struggle for the rights of Macedonia.  History demands it.

9. Whatever the final name of TheFYROM will be, it should be decided by a referendum of the Greek People.

10. We demand a change of the constitution of TheFYROM reflecting that their citizens have no relation with the Macedonians.

11. We fully support the existence of a country north of Greece with the interim name of The FYROM.  We support her efforts to join the EU and NATO, provided her official name does not include the term “Macedonia” or its derivatives.  Further, we harbor no animosity or any ill feelings towards her citizens or her Diaspora.

12. We accept with satisfaction the Atlantic prospect of the FYROM with the resolution of the name issue, and unanimously we insist that the Euro-Atlantic potential
of the FYROM should be allowed with a name that does not contain the term “Macedonia”, or derivatives of this term.


 The Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA in a duly convened meeting at its 63rd National Convention held from July 9 to 13, 2009 at Pieria, Greece declares the following:

1. We demand that the continuous irredentist propaganda emanating from The FYROM, including the falsification of the Hellenic heritage of Macedonia, stops immediately.

2. We shall never accept an Orthodox Church with the term “Macedonia” or its derivatives in its name.

3. We oppose the use of the name Republic of “Macedonia” in any legal document within the Hellenic Republic, or by Hellenic interests worldwide.

4. We condemn terrorism in all of its forms.

5. Turkey must respect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, which is a full EU member. Turkey must immediately remove all its occupation troops, it must remove

the illegal settlers who were brought to Cyprus from the mainland of Turkey, return all properties to the rightful owners and make all reparations to the Cypriots.

6. We regard the continued discriminatory acts, rules, and policy of Turkey against the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople,  a violation of freedom of religion

that is inconsistent with the country’s aspirations to become a member of the European Union. We demand the reopening of the Theological School of Halki, the restoration of the

confiscated property of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and we demand respect for the property rights of Hellenes in Constantinople. The recent decision by Turkish Supreme Court

rejecting the ecumenicity of the Patriarch is contrary to European Union Laws.

7. We demand recognition by the U.S.A. and Turkish governments of the genocides against the Armenian, Assyrian as well as the Hellenic genocide.

8. We condemn the continuous violations by Turkey of the Greek territorial space.

9. We expect from the Republic of Bulgaria to return of the Holy Relics that were removed from the monasteries of Drama and Serres.

10. We demand the return of the Parthenon Marbles to the place of their origin.

11. The KALASH of the northern Himalayan region of the Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan are Hellenic descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great. The KALASH Indigenous

people have sustained their ancient culture and traditions since the 4th century B.C., yet they are in danger of extinction. Being our Hellenic Macedonian brothers and sisters, we support

their efforts to sustain their ethnic values and identity.

12.We support the KALASH proposal to “Bring the Glory Back” which is, to apply the rule of Law of Alexander the Great, as the guideline for the Security Council of the United Nations”.

13. The retrieval of bones of Greek soldiers, who fell during WWII battles in the mountains of Northern Epirus, is not an economic transaction, but a humanitarian issue and our national duty.

The road of Albania to the European Union requires the Respect of Human, Political, Cultural, Religious and Educational Rights of the Greek minority.

14. The Albanians should cease all propaganda regarding the Chams if Albania is to proceed in its Euro-Atlantic integration.

15. We express our gratitude to the 340 University Professors for their declaration of historical truth.

16. The Greek Parliament should not ratify any agreement for the admission of the FYROM into NATO or the European Union even under any name that includes the term “Macedonia”
or its derivatives.

17. We agree with the decision of the Greek Political Leaders of 1992, which excluded the name of Macedonia from any future name of “The FYROM” and strongly disagree with the position
of the current Greek Government.

in Greek

The Pan-Macedonian Association of America, Sixty Years of Activity.


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