Bulgarian Politicians: OMO Ilinden is a separatist anti Bulgarian organization

OMO Ilinden is a separatist anti Bulgarian organization, funded from outside: Volen Siderov

Sofia. OMO Ilinden is an anti-constitutional organization. The Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria says that organizations with open separatist goals could not exist. This is what leader of Ataka political party Volen Siderov said for FOCUS News Agency.

OMO Ilinden is a separatist anti-Bulgarian organization, which is funded from the outside from foreign services. It has been aiming for long time at separation of part of the Bulgarian territory as the so-called Macedonian minority, Siderov said. [..]

source: FOCUS Information Agency

Bozhidar Dimitrov: Problems around OMO Ilinden not political but legal

“I am very surprised – how come these people in Skopje did not realize that the problem around OMO Ilinden is not political but legal”, Bozhidar Dimitrov, Minister without portfolio in charge of Bulgarian residents abroad, said for FOCUS News Agency

OMO Ilinden can be registered as a political party only if it collects 5,000 signatures as stated under the Bulgarian law. It cannot collect so many signatures as obviously it does not have so many members in Bulgaria. In the past, it tried to buy Romany people’s registrations and take the data of people who were completely unaware about it from the municipal registries in order to collect enough members. However, they were seized and the registration application was rejected. Things are simple – they should collect enough members with real registration and registered address and the Bulgarian institutions will not reject the registration and the party will be registered. The Bulgarian government and the rest of the state authorities have nothing to do with the rejected registration.

Source: FOCUS  Information Agency

Krasimir Karakachanov: OMO Ilinden is most active when it has to discredit Bulgaria

“The problem around its registration is not due to the fact that someone does not want to register it but because it filed fake documents, including the names of people who are deceased, and in fact it does not meet the law so that to be registered”, Karakachanov reminded.

“In fact, our approach towards OMO Ilinden is not connected to its non-observation of the law but because it is a separatist organization, which does not have the right to exist in Bulgaria. It is an organization, which causes problems, tries to change the origin of part of the Bulgarian population in Pirin Macedonia, an organization that executes the orders of a foreign country. There are many documents about this at the Bulgarian Interior Ministry and the State Agency for National Security. These people should face the court and be sued over treason, separatism, and be imposed sentences”, Karakachanov said.

Source: Focus Information Agency

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