Spetim Polozani: MASA encyclopedia product of “Macedonian” pseudo-science

Skopje. Chairperson of the association of former Albanian prisoners and political refugees, Shpetim Polozani, accused Albanian politicians of appointing improper people on important state position, people who cannot present Albanian history in the right way, Alsat M television reports.

“This comes as a result of the infantilism and immaturity of the “Macedonian” pseudo-science and “Macedonian” pseudo-intellectuals”, Polozani said, commenting on the encyclopedia released by the MASA.

In his words, the core of the encyclopedia council consists of people who have always shared anti-Albanian position. According to Polozani, the encyclopedia comes as a result of the “political impotence of Albanians and Albanian officials in general – at the Ministry of Culture, MASA, and other institutions, such as the Book issuing bureau and etc.”

Source: Focus Information Agency

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