Gruevski Personality Cult Music Video DVD Issued

Multumedia DVD glorifying VMRO-DPMNE PM NIkola Gruevski produced in the town of Štip is scheduled for free distribution among all TV and radio station, as well as massive appearance on the customer market. All musical videos, a result of long-time collaboration of countries top expert for musical video production as well as composers, glorify extraordinary appearance of Gruevski on the political scene of FYROM, his mental power, morality and will that leads his beloved people towards progress, eradication of miseries and amorality of all sorts and national dignity and honor and territoriality unification of “Macedonian Fatherland” as well, which are results of divine intervention and providence.

The songs, produced partly in a FYROMian owned production house in Switzerland. The main organization is the former emigre Angele Zafirovski, who stated, with regard to one of the songs, whose part goes like this:

„Вардарци, Пиринци и Егејци. Една земја, едно име Македонци/ Никола, Никола мајка го роди /Народ да води кон светла иднина/ Никола Груевски господ го прати верба да врати во Македонија“

Vardariots, Pirianians and Aegeans. One land, one name Macedonians/ Nikola Gruevski was born by his mother/ To bring the people to bright future/ Nikola Gruevski by send by God to return a faith into Macedonia/”

“This song was created in 2004 as a kind of prophesy for arrival of Nikola Gruevski for Prime Minister of Macedonia, that is to say her greatest politician. Than we recorded as small number of CD’s and DVD’s which we gave in several Municipal Committees of VMRO-DPMNE. We have judged that now is the moment that it shall became a new VMROvite hymn, and that also it will accepted by the people, in order to give recognition to the greet deed our Prime Minister is doing for Macedonia.”

“We shall make a promotion suitable to the person and opus of Nikola Gruevski, the men how returned the faith in Macedonia, who defeated the false prophets, whose mother gave him birth so that he can led the people toward bright future”, states Zafirovski.

Source: AMAC Forums

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