Canadian Newspapers of 1903 about the Bulgarian Uprising of Ilinden


*” Salonica. Aug 6. -A special  messenger from Monastir reports that
the Bulgarian insurgents have dynamited the Governor’s palace in the
town of Krushevo, 23 miles north of Monastir. “

*” Vienna, Aug. 7.- Salonica despatch to the Neue Freie Presse says
that 1,000 young Bulgarians have taken the filed in the neighborhood of

Monastir. The Bulgarian families there have been ordered to prepare
provisions for the insurgents. “

*”Athens, Aug. 7. Official reports state that Bulgarian bands have
occupied Krushevo
, and are besieging other villages in the vilayet of
Monastir. “

*” Salonica, Aug. 7.-Four battalions of Turkish troops supported by
artillery yesterday met and routed a body of 1,700 Bulgarians, near
Serovitch. “

*”Salonica, Aug. 13. -It is reported that the Bulgarian insurgents have

massacred the inhabitants of the large Turkish  village of Kenati, near

monastir, only twenty escaping.”

Globe and Mail, August 17, 1903

*” … in the town of Salonica itself, the  Bulgarian professors of the

university,   the   students  and shopkeepers, in fact all intelligent
in the city, have been cast into prison. “

*” … In the vilayet of Uskub, the entire Bulgarian population has
been systematically persecuted since last May. The director of the
normal school at Uskub was imprisoned  because his library contained
the “revolutionary”   works   of   “Othello”   and “Les Miserables”. In

the districts   of Palanka, Koschiani,Koumanovo and Gostigar, the
prisonser (sic) are filled with Bulgarian  priests, schoolmasters and
It is difficlut, says the memorandum, to obtain the exact
number of  Bulgarians
who were imprisoned, mostly on the flimsiest
pretexts, as when they were released others were immediately  arrested.

The estimates obtainable give for the vilayet of Salonica 900
prisoners; for  Uskub,   500; for Monastir, 500, and for Adrianople,
550; a grand total of 2,800. “

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