Alternate Greek Foreign Minister Droutsas’ statements on Gruevski’s irredentist claims

Journalist: And one more question, if I may: In Australia, Mr. Gruevski spoke again today of “Aegean Macedonians”. How do you reply?

Mr. Droutsas: We will not enter into a dialogue with Mr. Gruevski, with Skopje, on non-existent issues.

I will just stand on what I said recently. That Greece looks on its relations with Skopje with an open mind, always with a willingness to be constructive. As I said, we have open minds, and I think that the leadership in Skopje needs to realise that it is in their hands to choose between the familiar aggressive nationalistic and irredentist rhetoric, or choose a constructive, sincere, substantial dialogue on the matter of resolving the name issue.


There is but one solution. We have said it many times, and I take the opportunity to repeat it today, as well: A name with a geographical qualifier, for use by everyone and in all instances.

This is the solution that will release the Euroatlantic perspective of the neighboring people, whom we want to welcome into our European family as soon as possible. And I think that this solution will contribute decisively to regional stability.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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