Both countries should make concessions to resolve name issue: FYROMacedonian President

Both countries should make concessions to resolve name issue: FYROMacedonian President
1 November 2009 | 11:17 | FOCUS News Agency
London/Skopje. Some resolution of the name issue has been outlined, said “Macedonian” President Gjorge Ivanov in an interview to BBC.
According to the head of state the success of the negotiating process depends on the concessions made both by ” Macedonia”  and Greece.
The name dispute is in the frames of the UN, Icanov noted. He also pointed that “Macedonia” as a country has shown a co-operation so as solution to be found. This process cannot be taken out of the UN, it is in there, has continued for 16 years and recently some resolution has been outlined.
First, it has been postponed over elections in ” Macedonia” and when they were over the process acquired dynamic. Somehow, the process has been suspended during the general elections in Greece and now it is expected to continue with the same dynamic so Mediator Matthew Nimetz to propose a solution. He knows “Macedonia”  and Greece’s position and as a mediator he should depose the last propose, “Macedonian” President pointed.
Asked what kind of concession can be made Ivanov said this depends on the approach, which will be adopted in this period.
Both countries should make concessions. Thus we say the resolution should be somehow a fair and reasonable compromise. To reach compromise both sides should yield their positions to reach some compromise acceptable for both countries.

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