Dnevnik, FYROMacedonia: There is hope for compromise

Dnevnik, FYROMacedonia: There is hope for compromise
5 November 2009 | 14:47 | FOCUS News Agency
Skopje. There is some hope that the name dispute will be solved but a scalded dog fears cold water. This was the message of “Macedonian” Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki at the meeting with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselbor held in Brussels on Wednesday, Macedonian Dnevnik newspaper reads on Thursday.
This “faint hope”, expressed by the “Macedonian” minister, was interpreted in a completely different way on the official website of Luxembourg’s Interior Ministry. According to the hosts, Dnevnik writes, Minister Milosiski said that “agreement with Greece can be reached over the next months, which will eliminate the obstacle before launching the negotiations” over the EU membership.
“We do not speak about any deadlines, neither do we set any timeline. I see the faint hope I talked about in the person of the newly elected Prime Minister George Papandreou. If Karamanlis was prime minister, then there would have been new blockade at the sitting of the Council of Europe in December. Greece undertook the engagement not to block us under the Interim Accord signed in 1995”, Milosiski told Dnevnik yesterday. He added there is no information about new meeting in New York, stressing that due to the lack of time it is impossible to reach agreement by December 7.
“We are ready to continue the negotiations in New York”, Milosiski said.
In a time when Athens and Skopje are sending messages for warming up their relations, which led to the direct meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries – George Papandreou and Nikola Gruevski, yesterday “Macedonian” President Gjorge Ivanov sent an invitation to his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias to visit “Macedonia”. The meeting, which will be organized at a date chosen by the Greek president, should be a strong impulse for

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