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Skopje 24 Ore 12 Nov 09 p 3
Report by Mentor Mellova: “Here Is How “Macedonians” Sing Hate Songs Against Albanians”
Skopje 12 Nov 09 page 3.
  Various internet pages in the “Macedonian” language of forums, soccer club anthems, and patriotic songs swarm with anti-Albanian messages, insults, and calls.
The Albanian public has not had the opportunity to know what is said and written, or sung, by their fellow “Macedonian” citizens on internet pages, in which the hatred and phobia against Albanians is vented.  These occurrences and bad habits have become a trend among “Macedonians”, especially among the youth, who are inclined to join debates in which Albanians are brutally insulted with vulgarities and nationalist and fascist language.  This scandal has been investigated by the newspaper, 24 Ore, in “Macedonia”, which has managed to learn a great deal from “Macedonian” citizens, who have revealed everything that is said about Albanians and have provided evidence about it.
Some of the posted slogans read, “Only a dead Albanian is a good Albanian,” “Albanians, may your roots dry out.”  Messages written in verse glorify the current prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, who is likened to the lion who has smashed the “terrorist NLA [National Liberation Army — UCK in Albanian]” with his paw.
The anthem of the Teteks soccer club from Tetove [Tetovo] also contains insults against Albanians: “Neither on land nor in heaven/ there is room for Albanians,” “If it were not for NATO/ we would have wiped you out by now!”
These songs are not sung by ordinary provocateurs, but by a whole “sport community,” which enjoys support among the current government structures..  The very fact that they have not been prosecuted, no alarm has been raised about this situation, and there are no calls to intervene against “Macedonian” web pages implies support from certain quarters, which seem interested in promoting hatred.
Worthy of a socio-cultural analysis are also the songs of a naive romantic kind sung by “Macedonian” youth, as well as by Macedonian pop singers, which have already become holy sermons in every “Macedonian” home.  These songs are about the “Alexander of Macedonia” and they curse the date of the signing of the “Bucharest Agreement” which allegedly partitioned Macedonia.  There also songs about “Greek thugs” and the “day of the unification of all Macedonians.”  In this category also fall the so-called “epic songs,” which glorify the heroism of the VMRO-DPMNE [Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for “Macedonian” National Unity] and its leader, Nikola Gruevski, who, even though is about to sign the agreement on changing “Macedonia”‘s name and everything else “Macedonian”, is lauded as a figure of “national salvation”: “Sing you pure “Macedonians/ you patriot and hero… I have many courageous friends/ all VMRO members with a patriot prime minister/ Mr. Nikola Gruevski…”  This is the song entitled, “For Macedonia,” which sung by two “Macedonian” pop singers Vasko and Elizabeta.  In the discussion forum of the Idividi portal there is also a song entitled, “Neither on earth nor in the sky, there is room for Albanians,” which can be found in the section, “Culture, Art, and Tradition!”  That song contains the following lyrics: “They are sullying our Macedonia/ Neither on earth nor in the sky/ There is room for Albanians/ O God, punish them/ May thunder slay them/ May their root disappear.”
One of the songs that could trigger unpredictable interethnic clashes is the rap song of a singer who calls himself aCe maFia, which is entitled “Death to Albanians.”  Here is what lyrics this most adored singer of the “Macedonian” youth gives us: “O you Macedonians/ Sleep with a gun under your pillow/ This is not a false warning/ Die, Albanians, you are a waste of space/ Die, you filthy Albanians/ I will never like you/ I will never feel sorry for you/ I want to wipe you out/ And bury you two meters under ground/ And then light a candle for Macedonia.”
The government institutions and the Ministry of Culture should urgently react against such attempts to incite hatred against Albanians because this popular genre of music is spreading among the “Macedonian” youth.
Here as some of the internet pages in which these horrific anti-Albanian songs are sung:



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Leutrim says:

I assure you that the federalization of FYROM is inevitable

Van says:

This is not to deny that “batshit insane” doesn’t describe the Slav-“macedonians” perfectly. After listening to songs talking of “Greek murderers” who are going to get destroyed by God himself(!), watching TV spots in FYROM advertising that the Slav-“Macedonians” are the “Macedonoid-white race” as revealed by God himself (!!), this has also come to my attention:


Sad but true. Mix this with the considerable Albanian community who is as nationalist on its own right and you have a…creative cocktail.

Van says:

I’m not willing to blame any community at the moment but isn’t this more proof than the nation-state with all its cons is better than multi-X constructs like FYROM where tension between communities exists? Does anyone dispute that another Kosovo is, sooner or later, coming to so-called “Illirida”, the Albanian-inhabited part of FYROM?