Bulgaria’s support for FYROMacedonia’s NATO, EU aspirations is not unreserved: PM

Bulgaria’s support for FYROMacedonia’s NATO, EU aspirations is not unreserved: PM
16 November 2009 | 14:25 | FOCUS News Agency
Sofia. Bulgaria’s support for “Macedonia’s” NATO and EU aspirations is not unreserved. It is based on criteria met and commitments fulfilled, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said in the Council of Ministers, cited by FOCUS News Agency.
He says “Macedonia” should respect the rules of neighborhood policy, which is one of the EU rules as well.
No to the hate speech. No tolerance of groups who create problems. Conflicts should not be sought. The state radio stations and television channels should stick to the proper manners,” he noted.
“Macedonian” Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski assured me that proper manners will be observed. The fact that he came for half an hour to ask for our support is quite clear, said Borisov.
That’s why both countries should abstain from commenting the history that divides us. On the contrary, we should seek opportunities to celebrate together the dates, people and events from our history that unite us because “Macedonia” will walk its way and we will not be a hurdle. On the contrary, we will help it, said Borisov earlier.

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