Greek Geography School-books and FYROM Propaganda

One of the most ill-concieved Lies created by FYROM’s propaganda deals with the claim that “Greece officially prohibited the usage of the name “Macedonia” prior to 1988″. Despite the ovewhelming evidence [1] [2] [3], the Slavs of FYROM insist on denying the obvious. A couple of years ago another terrible lie came into existence by FYROM’s propaganda. This time they allegedly claimed Greek government did not use in the geography school books the name “Macedonia” as a reference to the Province of Macedonia in Greece.

Let’s expose the claim by checking out what Greek students were learning in their Geography school books before 1988.

School-book entitled ‘Geography of Greece’, 1939

geography school book 1939

Map inside the same book. The name “Macedonia” is evident.

The Contents:

School book entitled “Gegraphy of Greece” in 1967

geography school book 1967

The name “Macedonia” is again easy to find inside.

Geography School book of 1977

greek geography school book mentioning Macedonia

History of Macedonia

Cover of a Greek Geography School Book of 1978.

geographia1978 Greek School books prior to 1988   Another Fyromian falsification falls apart

What a Greek student can find inside!!!

geographia1978geogrdiamerismata Greek School books prior to 1988   Another Fyromian falsification falls apart

Points of Interest:

From all the above evidence it is evident that:

1. The term “Macedonia” is used SOLELY for the greek province of Macedonia.

2. The  ill-concieved Lie of FYROM’s propaganda which claims Greece prohibited the usage of the term “Macedoniaprior to 1988 is shattered, unfortunately for the sick minds who concieved it.

3. The claims that Greece used the term “Northern Territories” everywhere officially instead of ‘Macedonia‘ is again smashed, sadly for FYROM’s propaganda.

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