Utrinski vesnik: Sofia imposes conditions to FYROMacedonia

Utrinski vesnik: Sofia imposes conditions to FYROMacedonia

25 November 2009 | 08:47 | FOCUS News Agency

Skopje. Authorities in Sofia want to make official problems they have with “Macedonia” and have been exerting pressure on Swedish Presidency of the EU and their demands to the fulfilled before the decision on the start of “Macedonia” EU accession talks, “Macedonian” Utrinski vesnik writes.
According to unofficial information Bulgaria wants from the EU Presidency the already signed declaration for friendship between the two countries to be turned into an international contract to guarantee “Macedonia” would observe the taken engagements despite the aim is probably to leave the impression that “Macedonia” has a problem with neighboring, the newspaper writes.
The issue concerns a declaration, signed in 1999 by the then prime ministers of “Macedonia” and Bulgaria Ljubco Georgievski and Ivan Kostov.
With the view to Greece’s demands on changing “Macedonia’s” name and the name of the language it is possible this second part tot be the reason for the demand the declaration, which has been observed neither by Bulgaria nor by “Macedonia”, to be treated in a new way, Utrinski vesnik reads.

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Peter Sellers says:

I am confused with this information. I am interested in The Republic of Macedonia, and I can see that you have hijucked the name including the Utrinski Vesnik”s name.
I have no objections to read greek version of history but I have difficulty in excusing you in hijucking. In the future please be original and creative and not obstructive.

Edessa says:

We have no objections publishing comments who are characterised by a grammar assasination of English Language and nonsensical content, but try next time to back up your claims or simply dont bother wasting our time.