Nova Makedonja: Red lines of FYROMacedonia, Greece- far away from each other

Nova Makedonja: Red lines of FYROMacedonia, Greece- far away from each other

30 November 2009 | 14:21 | FOCUS News Agency

Skopje. There is no resolution of the name issue between “Macedonia” and Greece but there is stimulus to continue negotiations. These are part of the assessments for the meeting between “Macedonian” and Greek prime ministers Nikola Gruevski and George Papandreou, held on November 27, “Macedonian” Nova Makedonja newspaper writes. The edition reads the lack of development is due to the fact both countries have remained at their positions.
“Greece wants “Macedonia” to have a name with geographical definition for general usage. The new name should be used inside the country, in the communication with Greece and with the rest of the 127 states, which have recognized the constitutional name of the country. The demand concerns the change of identity-in the column nationality “Macedonians” to be included with the new name as upper “Macedonians” and north “Macedonians”. Thus they should be written in all public documents (passports, IDs, citizenship); to change the names of the institutions, roads, squares and monuments, which contains the word Macedonia. Thus Greece wants amendments to be made to the constitutions.
Then “Macedonia” has presented its position on double formula for resolving the problem: a name for communication with Greece and the constitutional name, used in the communication with the other countries, the edition reads.

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