Bulgaria will support FYROM for NATO and EU IF membership criteria fulfilled


Sofia. Bulgaria will support FYROM’s NATO and EU aspirations if the membership requirements and criteria are fulfilled, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said during the question-and-answer session in the parliament, cited by FOCUS News Agency.

Yane Yanev (Order, Law and Justice) asked the prime minister about Bulgaria’s support for FYROM’s NATO and EU membership.

Borisov highlighted Bulgaria was in favor of FYROM’s strictly sticking to the neighborhood policy. The prime minister said Bulgaria was expecting the FYROMian government’s will to:

  1. continue and deepen the reforms in all spheres, including justice and home affairs;
  2. stop hate speech against Bulgaria and Bulgarians coming from politicians, state institutions and remove it from textbooks and school curriculum and the media;
  3. give up all minority claims towards Bulgaria in compliance with the 1999 declaration;
  4. stop the anti-Bulgarian campaign in the international organizations and forums;
  5. solve disputes about the common history and culture through joint celebrations of common historical dates and anniversaries;
  6. sign a neighborhood policy agreement based on the 1999 declaration as soon as possible.

The principle support for FYROM’s membership in NATO and the EU is valid if there is a clear will on the part of its government to do what is necessary to meet the Bulgarian expectations for neighborhood policy of a European type, highlighted Borisov.


the terms FYROM/FYROMians are used by the Blog and not the original author

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Tony says:

Indeed ..Our relations are fine so far,I said it ’cause I’ve seen abusive comments from greeks about bulgarians../but I have many friends in Greece/Not to mention that my grandfather is from Komotini ..The only thing I can hope for is that the position of the two countries will still remain firm against the “FYROMS”..



Athanasios says:

“I know greeks and bulgarians aren’t the best friends on the Balkans”

“Friendship” between states or peoples doesn’t exist, of course, but sure they are. Current Greek-Bulgarian relations are the best they’ve ever been and I’m not aware of any disputes between the two countries…?

Tony says:

Hello people..
Don’t know what you’re on about at all..
As for the requirements that “Macedonia” needs to fulfill-that’s not gonna happen, ’cause they’re living in a lie.
Of course livin’ in a lie is sweet but as we all know-it’s short…It’s just a matter of time and will come clear.
Stealing and manipulating the others history is not a good thing ..
I know greeks and bulgarians aren’t the best friends on the Balkans..yes we’ve had wars, but hey we share history aren’t we ? We’re not manipulating it ..