Macedonians in Paris (1895-1912)


ModernHistory1 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

Biographical records regarding Macedonians who resided in Paris between 1895 and 1912.  The following collection was created by Konstantinos Papoulides and was published in the Makedonika Magazine of the Εταιρεία Μακεδονικών Σπουδών (ΕΜΣ) .

The source of this early information is Church records.  from the Greek Orthodox Chruch in Paris (founded in 1895). It’s apparent that Macedonians were residing in Paris way before the foundation of the Greek Orthodox church.

In the collection, it can be found a listing of baptisms involving Macedonians, taken from church records. They contain the child’s name, sometimes date of birth and baptism, father’s and mother’s names, ages and origins. A listing of Marriages records containing names, ages, origins, date of marriages, names of witnesses and clergymen. A listing of death or burial records with names, occupations, ages, origins, dates of deaths, dates of burials, reasons of deaths, clergymen.

maks paris Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)maks paris2 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris3 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris6 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris5 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris7 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris8 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

maks paris9 Macedonians in Paris (1895 1912)

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