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Alexander the Great had a vision of a unified and civilized world, with himself as its leader, and split vast quantities of blood trying to achieve it. Such was his power that his influence prevails in our lives today. Yet there is much about him we still do not know.

Greek archaeologist Liana Souvaltzis digs under the gaze of the world’s media. For years, she has been searching for one of the great mysteries of ancient history–Alexander the Great’s final resting place. Combing the mountains and valleys of Egypt’s remote western desert, she continues her quest despite universal scepticism.

However, Liana’s search is highlighting interest in the work of modern academics who are discovering new clues about this extraordinary leader.

Alexander was taught the arts and sciences by Aristotle. A brilliant military tactician, he worshipped the god Amun whom he regarded as his father. He was epileptic and homosexual and when his partner died he sacrificed the entire 5,000 occupants of a village for him. After a drinking bout in Babylon, the dying Alexander asked to be buried in Siwa. His golden sarcophagus was put into a vast mobile temple and taken to Egypt, where it seems to have disappeared.

Dr. Rosalie David of Manchester University heads a team of forensic scientists ready to go to Egypt at short notice to help with major discoveries. If Liana ever finds Alexander, his DNA might solve questions about his parentage and whether he was poisoned.

Alexander’s legacy was the concept that a man can be a god as well. Because of the vase empire that he established, the idea has affected many religions and cultures. Buddhism and Christianity share the belief in a man-god, and in Islamic writings Alexander’s conquests are used as a precedent for Mohammed’s quest to create God’s kingdom on earth.

Alexander the God King is a fascinating journey into ancient times, which separates truth from legend and shows how the vision of one man of destiny changed the very course of history.

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Edessa says:

Interesting!! So if the first sentence in a video's description in YouTube includes a syntax error or sth, this means for some that the video -- nomatter that it originates from BBC -- must be crap. When you demonstrate your complete Lack of Common Sense, dont expect anyone to take you seriously.

Guest says:

One doesn't "split" blood. One spills it. It's "spilled vast quantities of blood", not "split". You can say "spilt vast quantities" if you're trying for pretentiousness. When you demonstrate your illiteracy in the first sentence you lose my confidence and my interest. If you didn't care about that, what other points of scholarship didn't you care about, and why should I trust you any further?