A Slav from Macedonia almost a century ago: “I used to be a Bulgar and now i am a Serb”

“I used to be a Bulgar and now i am a Serb”. This was the reply of a Slav from Monastiri, while being asked about his ethnicity. This reply is indicative of the fickle ethnic consciouness which characterised in the past and now the Slavs in the Macedonian Region. It shouldnt surprise anyone some decades afterwards,  the reply to the same question was altered to “I used to be a Serb and now i am a ‘Macedonian'”!!!

Its also interesting the classification of “Macedonian Slavs” by Sir Charles Elliot to

(a) Pure Slavs

(b) Slavised Bulgars

(c) Pure Slavs influenced by Slavised Bulgars

From the book “The birth of Yugoslavia” by Henry Baerlein

birth of Yugoslavia

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