Embarassing Facts for FYROM – Half of FYROM’s population is Uneducated


former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 Embarassing Facts for FYROM   Half of FYROMs population is Uneducated


 Over 50% of FYROM’s population has only secondary or unfinished secondary education according to FYROM’s education minister Nikola Todorov. Mr. Todorov characterised this fact as catastrophic information, while he rightfully connected it with the country’s employement. Furthermore he added that only 7% or 8% of the population of FYROM has high education.

In the meantime,  the leader of the oppositional Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), Menduh Taci stated that the next year will be very hard and may be there will be no WWIII, but surely the government of Nikola Gruevski and Ali Ahmeti will fall. Furthermore, Taci accused Gruevski of lying to FYROM’s citizens regarding to the negotiations with Greece. He added that the PM has been negotiating also about the identity and the language in the name issue. Taci stressed that FYROM has problems not only with Greece, but with Bulgaria, NATO and the European Union.

Source: Focus Information Agency

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