How the Lie was created – Bulgarians forced to renounce their Bulgarian identity and become “Macedonians”

From the book “Ideologies and national identities” by John Lampe and Mark Mazower. –

[..]In the Serbian part different ways for legal political activities were sought at first. The ruthless persecution of members and supporters of the Organizaiton as well as the terror imposed on those who declared themselves Bulgarians, forced IMRO to use the methods of armed resistance.

[…]Belgrade was motivated by its political objective to continue the execution of the old Cominetern  resolution (adopted in 1934 in Moscow) postulating the creation of a seperate “Macedonian” nation. Under the pressure of the Communist regime the Bulgarian Population was obliged to accept the geographical denomination “Macedonian” as a National one. Up to 1990 more than 700 legal trials were held against citizens refusing to adopt the new “Macedonian” national identity[…]


By Kostas 68

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