Great Shame – FYROM’s delegation starts a fight at a hotel in Sofia

Sofia/Skopje. A diplomatic scandal burst out because of the delegation of the FYROM’s ministry of defense at a hotel in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, FYROM’s Alfa television reports.
A state adviser – head of the delegation, entered into a fight with the members of the delegation – a major and head of a sector. The reasons that incited the fight remain unknown but what we are sure of is that hotel’s security guards and Bulgarian police had to interfere and stop the fight.
The high-ranking delegation was in Bulgaria to take part in a meeting dedicated to the communication and information technologies. According to sources in Bulgarian police, all FYROM’s representatives were drunk when the fight started. It was a great shame for FYROM before the diplomatic circles and the representatives of the Bulgarian ministry of defense. The manager of the hotel where the incident happened confirmed the information for Alfa television.
FYROM’s ministry has been keeping silence over the issue for a month. No information about sanctions on the guilty diplomats has been announced on Monday.
What’s really astonishing is the praise the adviser received at the New Year’s cocktail party for his great achievements.

FOCUS News Agency

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