MAT bankrupt, Aeromak corrupt


Airports in Skopje and Ohrid won’t deal with a national flag carrier any time soon. EX-YU avation news reports:

  • Courts in Skopje will begin bankruptcy procedures for MAT on January 18. The airline recently lost its Air Operations Certificate (AOC). The bankruptcy motion was filed by the Civil Aviation Directorate. It is believed that since the airline’s status as a national carrier is set to expire in September 2010 other airlines were reluctant to takeover the indebted MAT. [more]
  • Serbia’s Jat Airways’ start up, Aeromak, an airline planning to take over after MAT’s failure, has found itself in the midst of a corruption storm. Sources from Serbia state that the CEO of Aeromak, Srecko Angelovski, set his salary at over 3,000 Euros per month (national average approximately 400 Euros) and hired many family members within the company who had no experience in the aviation field. His actions have costed Jat thousands of Euros. [more]

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