The Misuse of Anti-Semitism in the Arsons of Chania’s Jewish Synagogue

       One of the most attractive features of using ‘loaded labels’ such as the term “anti-semitism” is to create the emotional impact one wants, linking the opposition  to something that is held in disdain. As a rule the opposition is discredited before they have uttered a single word.

       Irrespectively of the fact that many claims of anti-Semitism are proved on investigation to be wildly overblown or even fabricated, the use and abuse of the label as a manipulative tactic keeps up routinely. Just publish something sharply critical of Israeli government policies and you’ll find out yourself. The use of the term currently, constitutes a convenient amalgamation whose purpose is to stop criticism of Israel. The fear of being named as  “anti-semitic” acts as a deterrent to anyone tempted to disagree with them.

      Recently we became witnesses of repeat arson attacks on the Jewish synagogue in Chania, Crete. Specifically on Jan. 5 and 17 two fires have inflicted substantial damage to the synagogue. The American “Wall Street Journal” rushed to publish an article by someone called A. Apostolou entitled “The shame of Modern Greece”.The author found himself on great pains in order to ply the trademark tactic of accusing Greece as anti-Semitic.

     A couple of days ago, unluckily for the stunning hypocrisy of the anti-anti-Semitism brigades, the culprits behind the arson attacks in Chania were reported to be two Americans, two British and a Greek. According to an Ethnos report , published by Giorgos Delastik, in the camera tapes of a shop in the same street, the one who sets fire in the first incident is proved to be one from the two American citizens assisted by the rest. The two American citizens are reported to serve in the nearby base in Souda. In the second arson attack the perpetrator this time, was one of the two British citizens while the rest were securing the perimeter.

     In Ethnos, we read that the two American citizens got away inside their base and most likely are now out of Greek soil. In the meantime, members of the US embassy in Greece rushed to Chania in order to downgrade the whole incident and especially any references to the American citizens in Greek Media. A similar story is taking place with the two British Nationals. The initial infos reveal they are both NATO’s instructors, while as it is stated in the report, we have currently spirited attempts by certain circles to cast them both as “bartenders”.

     Conclusion: According to the report, it seems if you are an American and/or British National you can easily get away even if you burn a Jewish Synagogue. This does not seem to apply to others.

    So now that the “Embarassment of Anti-Semitism” bear mainly American and British Nationals, will we witness any of the fashionable anti-Semitic accusers to pull out the heavy artillery of charging anti-Semitism reflexively and publish articles in “Wall Street Journal” entitled “ The Great Shame of USA and UK”?

    Will the State Department who, according to Ethnos, rushed to issue a warning about the “Anti-semitism in Greece” and now is strongly embarrassed after the exposure of the arsonists’ identities, along with these shameful anti-anti-Semitic brigades issue a public announcement APOLOGISING to Greece and Greek people? Is there any sign of decency left on them? Time will tell!

By Aphrodite Akatamachiti

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