Alexander the Great gold coins ‘set for display’

Alexander’s Coins (Photo @

Gold coins featuring the likeness of Alexander the Great are set to go on display for the first time at Bulgaria’s National History Museum in Sofia today (February 18th).

The treasure, which was discovered in the village of Rezhantsi in the 1960s, is believed to be around 2,300 years old, the Washington Post reports.

At the official launch of the exhibition, the museum’s deputy director, Dr Ivan Hristov, said the coins were found inside a pot when it was broken by a tractor, Bulgarian news service Novinite stated.

Around 6,000 coins were originally discovered, but some were sold in western Europe and the United States.

The coins are believed to have been struck during the Thracian era, when Bulgaria was ruled by the successors of Alexander the Great, the general, king and politician whose empire spanned three continents from Greece to Egypt and parts of India.

Alexander died in 323 BC.

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Cornelia says:

And of course it's not the likeness of Alexander, but the goddess Athena, as you can see from the necklace and the long hair. This mistake they made already in the Renaissance.

mkdn says:

Very nice! But the inscription of the coin is not "ALEXANDRO" it is "ALEXANDROY" from the Greek Genitive "-OY".. The "Y" is not seen very clearly on the picture…