Germany of Shame

akr 109 Tι καταστροφές προκλήθηκαν στην Ελλάδα απο το Γ Ράιχ

Germans in Greece (

If Greeks are allegedly “crooks” for the German “Focus”, then how  Greeks should call the Germans considering the following:

Destruction of the Third Reich in Greece …

 558.000 dead(125.000  executed, others died from hunger, hardships, etc.)

70.000 Greek Jews exterminated in a total of 80,000,

830.000 unable to work

3.700 cities and villages wholly or partially destroyed,

408.000 houses destroyed,

50% of Greek industry destroyed,

75% of road network (from a total number of 17.200 cars, trucks and buses,  11.650 were destroyed)

75% of railway (from 2679 km remained only 680 km)

73% reduction of the commercial fleet (From the 583 merchant ships, Greece lost the 434 on 1939),

 60% reduction in farming production

25% of forests were lost,

100% reached the disaster in telecommunications

Source: Ministry of Reconstruction, 1947 – Research Iliadakis T., 1997, from the newspaper “Ta Nea”, V. Karakasis / Irene Karanasopoulou, 23 Nov. 1998

 What Germany owes…

– War reparations: By conservative estimates, the actual amount of Germany’s Debt to Greece is more than 14.4 billion dollars in 1938 prices.  Professor A. Angelopoulos used for his estimates an interest rate of 3%.  This means that the amount in dispute, exceeds the current $ 60 billion – or 17 trillion drachmas.

– Occupation loan: During the occupation, Germans and Italians picked up  from the ‘Bank of Greece’ 4.05 billion in 1938 prices. From this amount, over 3.5 billion dollars, was taken by Germany. The rate of 3% of the amount exceeds 18 billion dollars (The claims by Italy are regulated by an agreement of 1947). This sum should be added to debt payments from Germany to Greece back in the World War I and remove the 115 million DM provided by the agreement of 1960.

why Germany owes …

1. Remainder of reparations from the World War I.

2. Claims for damages caused during the World War I.

3. Restoration of any kind of damage, budget expenditure and occupation expenditure caused during World War II and German Occupation.

4. Damage restoration caused to the Greek merchant shipping during the period that Greece had NOT entered the war (1-9-39 up to 28-10-40).

5. Compensations for all kinds of victims, including dead, disabled, hostages during the German occupation.

6. Damages for forced labor in German concentration camps.

7. Compensations to victims for the portion which falls under the former German Democratic Republic’s share.

8. Compensations for the amount of money received by the Bank of Greece to the German occupation authorities in loans, in addition to expenses caused by the German occupation (Note: the infos originate from the book by D. Kostopoulos “A war which has not ended yet”)


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