Macedonian Facts & Fallacies

Macedonian Facts & Fallacies

Nick Michael Hodges
February 28, 2010
I have read many articles written by Risto Stefov who is a member of various websites and a contributor to miscellaneous publications, including the American Chronicle.

However, I have noticed that he deals with some of the same issues regarding Macedonia and he keeps repeating them, evidently to promote the Macedonian identity theft and fraud and forgery. This is to mislead the naïve, ignorant, and uneducated public audience with the false hope that his readers may accept his lies, deception, fraud, and forgery as the inevitable truth. I am writing this letter to the American Chronicle to inform its readers about the facts, expose the lies, and uncover the truth as best and succinctly.

Macedonia is and has always been the northern province of Greece for more than 2,000 years. The Macedonian people of Greece have always been Hellenic or Greek, just like the people of Cyprus have been Greek. Unfortunately, they have never had the opportunity to unite with the motherland.

I have said it before and will reiterate that it is a blasphemy, and insult, and a slander to us Macedonian Greek people, and to all Greeks in general when they hear the South Slavic people of the former Yugoslavia use our glorious Macedonian name for themselves when they have nothing to do with it. The only little thing in common the South Slavic folks have is a small part of their land, namely Pellagonia, belonged to the ancient Macedonians while the vast majority belonged to ancient Paeonia and Dardania.

The South Slavic people from the former Yugoslav republic say that they have been inhabiting their land for over 1,000 years. As I stated earlier, that land was not Macedonia (except the small Pellagonia area) with the vast majority to Paeonia and Dardania. Let me also use language to combat this fraud that is trying to be proved as fact is actually a fallacy. It is a fact that nobody can deny that they speak a Serbo-Bulgarian language, yet they claim that language, with no shame is actually the mother tongue of all the Slavic languages. I would like to add one more thing they claim. They claim their Serbo-Bulgarian language is the ancient language when the whole world knows that the ancient Macedonian language was Greek or a dialect of it (koine). So, the South Slavs are using or resorting to any fraudulent means possible to create or manufacture a possible link between themselves and the ancient Macedonians. However, they have had no luck whatsoever because the South Slavonian Slavs and the ancient Macedonians are two different kinds of people with nothing in common. The two groups have no linguistic, ethnological, or any other similarities whatsoever even though they have lived in the Balkans for many years.

Well, since they have been unable to find the missing link, now they are on a campaign to deny our link with the ancient Macedonians, as well as our link with our ancient Greek ancestors. That way, they can fraudulently forger a Slavic one to ancient Macedonia and its Macedonian, Greek people, but without any possible connection to their Greekness or Hellenism. It is simply absurd and devoid of any logic to even think about trying to establish a link between themselves and the ancient Macedonians people, by denying our link to the same folks. Let´s not forget that these South Slavonian Slavs did not arrive in the Balkans until almost 1,000 years after Macedonia became a Roman province. How desperate can you get when you are trying to establish a non-existing link with the Macedonian Greek people using all kinds of deceptive and fraudulent means? Unfortunately, it is going unpunished since they happen to serve the political and economic interests of other countries that are willing and able to protect them. This reminds of the time when Jesus was crucified and Barabas, the criminal, was set free because the Barabas people yelled louder. The Macedonian Hellenic identity will not be crucified and I believe we will prevail and defeat the conspiracy theory, and emerge victorious, as we have done in the past.


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Your anguished,neurotic,satiable illusions,painted with the colours of McDonald’s and Goody’s,are completely contrary to our world.Axiomatic phrases without any serious effort to convince us with evidence don’t have any basis here.Very far from being a serious dialogue.

миле says:

I do not know and I have not written much like you, but one must know why you listen to great great great kazham.Mojot grandfather called a Turk, my grandfather called the Bulgarian, Yugoslav my grandfather was … but it was because Macedonia many years was occupied by Turks, Bulgarians, I’ve always spoken Macedonian language, Macedonian’ve been, you are those who steal our history. Macedonia’s ethnic cleansing of the Aegean part of Macedonia and stole property of our forefathers lie .. We’re kind of world Hellenism … If you have blood flow but never Macedonia will not be Greek ..