Way ahead of Tito, the Bulgarians were trying to invent a “Macedonian” language back in 1905, but do not tell this to a Skopjan propagandist!

Way ahead of Tito, the Bulgarians were trying to invent a “Macedonian” language back in 1905, but do not tell this to a Skopjan propagandist!

By: M.E.Bolaris

The photograph to the left is from an old Greek newspaper. It is from a very interesting and truly revealing article which appeared in Skrip, a political newspaper published in Athens at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It is dated July 5, 1905. Some overzealous friends from Skopje (true to their cult-like gross misuse of isolated quotes out of context) published it in one of their websites, screaming: “Greek newspaper acknowledges the Macedonian language, 1905!” to make a claim that Greeks accepted that there is a Macedonian language, distinct from Bulgarian, even BEFORE it was formed!


The above website is dedicated to “The truth of Macedonia” and specifically “The truth of Macedonia and the Macedonians revealed”, as it assures us. It will be very interesting to see how “truth” is being used and how they “reveal” the truth to us.

Below the photocopy of the original newspaper article the Skopjan propagandists retyped the article (or so he makes us believe), in Greek as follows:

“Greek original:

Παρασκευή 8 Ιουλίου 1905. «Προ μηνών κατηρτίσθη εις Μοναστήριον υπό της Μακεδονικής Οργανώσεως επιτροπή, ήτις ανέλαβε το έργον να συντάξη γραμματικήν Μακεδονικήν. Η επιτροπή αποτελείται εξ επτά καθηγητών της γλωσσολογίας. Ως βάσις της γραμματικής ταύτης θα ληφθεί η διάλεκτος, η εις το βιλαέτιον Μοναστηρίου ομιλουμένη. Η διάλεκτος αύτη εκηρύχθη ήδη υπό της επιτροπής ως η Μακεδονική γλώσσα. Οι διδάσκαλοι των Σλαυϊκών σχολείων εις την Μακεδονίαν εντέλλονται όπως διδάσκουν την γλώσσαν ταύτην αντί της σερβικής ή της βουλγαρικής και διά μέσου αυτής να τίθεται η βάσις προς την δημιουργίαν ανεξαρτήτου Μακεδονίας. Προσεχώς δε θα τυπωθούν διδακτικά και διάφορα άλλα βιβλία εις την Μακεδονικήν ταύτην γλώσσαν, ευθύς δε κατόπιν σκέπτεται η Οργάνωσις ν´ απαγορεύση την χρήσιν της σερβικής και βουλγαρικής γλώσσης» [σκριπ, 8/7/1905, σ. 1.]”

Someone would naively wonder: why did they re-type the Greek text when it is so clearly legible?

The answer is hidden well in what follows. They provide us with the translation from their “anonymous reader”. Let us follow the translation:

“Translation into English provided by an anonymous reader:

Friday 8 July 1905. >[SKRIP, 8/7/1905, p. 1.]”

Monastiri = Bitola.

Following this, the Skopjean propagandist emphatically pronounces:

“Greeks knew about the Macedonian language in 1905 but today in 2009 they pretend that the Macedonian language does not exist.”

“The Macedonian Truth Organization would like to thank the person that provided us with a correct translation of the above article.”

If I were them, I would thank him too, indeed!

Pseudomakedonism, is the cult of some Slavic speaking believers from Skopje who proclaim their direct descent from Aristotle, Philip II and Alexander the Great, among other Greek Macedonians. This lunatic and reactionary ethno-politicul cult has

nothing to do with the legitimate aspirations of the vast majority of honest working Slavic and other people who live in the Former Yugoslav Republic misnamed by Tito as Makedonija. Instead, it has everything to do with the illegitimate aspirations for wealth and political control by the political elite, part of the old Yugoslavic nomenclature, of Skopje, and their ex-expatriate co-believers (mainly in Canada and Australia) who are the original creators of this cult. This pseudo-makedonist cult, avidly represented by the governing party (VMRO-DPMNE) in Skopje at the moment, with its virulent medieval attacks on Greeks, Greece and anything Hellenic has been the nemesis of the poor people of this small landlocked state and the biggest hurdle to their progress out of misery and dependency.

There is always a method to Skopje’s promotion of pseudo-macedonism’s BIG LIE. It is interesting for us to see how a typical Skopjan propagandist is weaving his case. Using innovative cutting and pasting and by omitting relevant sentences someone can easily alter the meaning which the original author intended from any text. The Skopje propagandists are proven masters in this method, as we have come to find out. Their consistent method, and their predictable to the iota ways, if anything else, clearly prove that Skojean propaganda is not the sporadic work of some interested amateurs: It is part of a state organized, well funded and meticulously oiled propaganda campaign.

The example of the article above is typical of their method. Let us now analyze it. We will start with a sacrilegious example.

Despite historic knowledge and common sense we will assume that someone, let’s say from Skopje, wants to prove that the Muslim religion is atheistic.

“Here is the proof”, he could jubilantly claim, “right from their Holy Quran” (in transliterated Arabic):

“lâ ilâha”, which translates into: “there is no God”!

ref: Sura as-Saffat (37:35)

He just “proved” that the Muslim religion does not accept the existence of God. Closed case! Right? Well…maybe not so fast!

Someone who speaks Arabic could now tell us:

WAIT!…This is not what the Quran really says…this was ONLY HALF the sentence!

The complete phrase is:

“lâ ilâha illâ allâh”, translation:

“there is no God except Allah”

The meaning is obviously the opposite of what the falsifier would have tried to “prove” to us, though the reference still remains the same: Sura as-Saffat (37:35)

Now let us go back to the newspaper article above and see what the Skopjan propagandist and his helpful “anonymous reader” so conveniently “forgot”: They simply and oh-so-conveniently OMITTED the FIRST PART of the article: fully one quarter of it: the whole INTRODUCTION! Yes, the article is speaking of a “Macedonian committee, but whose “Macedonian committee was this?

Here is the complete translation, as submitted by this EPONYMOUS (therefore responsible) writer (all emphasis and bold letters in the original):

Athens Friday 8 July 1905



The Bulgarians declaring a Macedonian language!

Where are the Bulgarians directing themselves towards and to what goals are they working for is proven by the news to this publisher of a compilation of a new “Macedonian grammar” for the usage of the Bulgarian schools in Macedonia, for which news I have already telegraphed you. The following details I am adding today:…”

ALL THE ABOVE have been OMITTED by the good “anonymous” translator”! He started the article, without the introduction where the organizers of the committed are being clearly identified as the Bulgarians. To make his fraud pass under the radar, he even fraudulently misplaced the date of the article (shown in the photocopy AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, above the newspaper’s title, SKRIP and NOT in the middle of the article) to make it seem that this was where the article started and that what he presented was the whole article:

“Several months ago, a committee was set up by the Macedonian Organization in Monasterion which undertook the project to compile a Macedonian grammar.”

The reader of the article, has been kept in the dark about Bulgarians…all he hears is this “Macedonian Organization”, and he assumes we are speaking of some…”Macedonians”, what else?.

“The committee consists of seven professors of linguistics. As basis for this grammar will be the dialect spoken in the Vilaetion of Monasterion. This dialect has already been proclaimed by the committee as the Macedonian language. The teachers of the Slavic schools in Macedonia are being ordered to teach this language instead of the Serbian or the Bulgarian and through this, to create the basis for the creation of an independent Macedonia. Educational and other books will soon be published in this Macedonian language, and immediately afterwords the Organization will forbid the usage of the Serbian and the Bulgarian language.”

If someone had not read the first part of the article, the omitted part which speaks of the Bulgarians, the naive question would immediately arise…WHO was “ordering” “the teachers of the Slavic schools in Macedonia”…to teach this or that language…and under WHOSE AUTHORITY was the committee of the “seven professors of linguistics” acting? The answer is obvious: IMRO, the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (in the original Bulgarian: Вътрешна Македоно-Одринска Революционна Организация / Vatreshna Makedono-Odrinska Revolyutsionna Organizatsiya).

And how would this committee ENFORCE their linguistic “proclamation” that the Bulgarian dialect spoken in the areas around Monasterion was now to be called the “Macedonian language”? This is what the Bulgarian “Committee-men” the Komitadji irregulars were for:

To beat the living lights out of anyone who opposed Bulgarian irredentism and to

promote Bulgaria’s interests through knife and fire. Killing Greek priests and teachers was not enough through. Replacing them with Bulgarian priests and teachers was not enough to push Macedonians of Hellenic identity into Bulgaria’s arms. A new trick had to be employed: Macedonism. In order to bring everyone, Vlach, Sarakatsan and Slavophone Greek, Christian Slav of uncommitted ethnic identity and Mmacedonian Serb under the Bulgarian sphere of influence, pseudo-macedonism was invented. By whom? By the Bulgarians themselves, as the Greek newspaper article amply proves! let us now go back to the SKRIP Newspaper.

Far from recognizing any “Macedonian” language, the Greek reporter telegraphing back to his newspaper in Athens is distressingly warning his readership of a PLOT by the BULGARIANS: “BULGARIANS WHO ARE DECLARING A MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE”, indeed. And the Article agonizingly continues:

“WHERE ARE THE BULGARIANS DIRECTING THEMSELVES TOWARDS AND TO WHAT GOALS ARE THEY WORKING FOR” informs us the article, and then it proceeds to give us the PROOF…etc. These are the Article’s words of introduction, yet we hear none of it.

Now, what was the plot the article is alluding to? That the forging of a so-called “Macedonian grammar” and the subsequently created “Macedonian language” are but the prelude to an “autonomy” of Macedonia within the Ottoman Empire, as a first step towards its eventual absorption into Bulgaria. This is exactly how the Bulgarians had absorbed Thracian Eastern Rumelia (Източна Румелия / Ανατολική Ρωμυλία: originally detached as an autonomous

region from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, Eastern Rumelia was soon after absorbed by the Kingdom of Bulgaria, in 1885), only a few years before, so this Bulgarian plot was as familiar as recent news to the Greek reader of 1905. All of this relevant information is of course buried and carefully hidden from the reader by the good folks of Macedonian Truth and the uninformed reader who is honestly searching for information on Macedonia is being led to a chopped-up text among the dark alleys of Skopjean misinformation.

Someone who reads Greek would of course laugh at this seemingly immature attempt to twist the truth to fit pseudo-makedonist’s Big Lie. Yet we should not lose sight of the obvious fact that the article in question was not written in Greek. It appears only in English. It was never even intended for the Greek speaking reader, who can easily read the newspaper in its original. Its target is the unsuspecting international reader, and FYROM’s own diaspora in Canada and Australia. What seems at first look, to a Greek, like a childish and imbecile argument, turns out to be a malicious forgery promoting pseudo-makedonist propaganda, a way to twist the truth by selectively “revealing” half truths…in other words by shamelessly lying, and calling their Big Lie: “Macedonian Truth”!

How Macedonian their pseudo-macedonism is and how true is their “Truth”, is now for the INFORMED reader to decide.

Posted by Mιλτιάδης Μπόλαρης

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Dimitar says:

Yeah the author of this is full of crap. Clearly you believe in conspiracy theories, UFO's, aliens and all the likes. People in Macedonia speak nothing like Greek.. They speak the so-called Macedonian language. This language has the same 1:1 grammar as Bulgarian grammar (which is quite unique in Europe -- completely different from Greek, Serbian or Turkish grammar) and they pronounce most of their words very similarilly to the way they are pronounced in Bulgaria. Mind due there are hundreds of dialects in Bulgaria too. So Macedonian and Bulgarian people can enjoy their national drink Rakia together, while you Greeks enjoy your Ouzo and dance your sertaki….