Blunder by the new EU Commissioner for Enlargement

Blunder by the new EU Commissioner for Enlargement

Our correspondent in Brussels Kosta Karkagianni

In a major editorial slip yesterday made a Czech candidate Commissioner for Enlargement Mr Stefan Füle calling three times the FYROM as “Macedonia”after the hearing of the European Parliament. At the same time, appeared ready to push not particularly Turkey to fulfill its obligations towards the European Union in relation to the customs union.

I hope that Macedonia to start accession negotiations with the EU as soon as possible,” said Füle during a press conference. “The position of Komision is clear, the road is open and the” Macedonia “is welcome,” he added, and considered that the solution to the problem of the name is in the “hands of the leaders of both countries. However, during the three-hour hearing, the few times Mr.Füle accepted question concerning the Skopje called with the name FYROM. It expressed its hopes that Athens and Skopje will seize “the opportunity presented in the context of negotiations under UN auspices. He stressed that the integration of Western Balkan countries into the Union will be a priority for him the next five years and that he would not “run out back to a country.

Respect the Copenhagen criteria

As regards Turkey’s accession course, said that not signing the Ankara Protocol will not be treated as if nothing had happened and to ensure that the candidates “not only will eklpirosoun, but will respect the Copenhagen criteria. Assessed and that Ankara’s stance in negotiations for a Cyprus settlement is positive. In addition, Mr. Füle expressed concern about the situation of fundamental rights in Turkey and respect for religious freedom and said that it will promote a legal framework that guarantees freedom of religious minorities.

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