Identity of the Macedonians

Identity of the Macedonians

Nick Michael Hodges
March 16, 2010
In one of his articles. Mr. Stefov says ” I think, therefore I am” but I can assure him that he does not really think and, therefore, he is not what he falsely and fraudulently thinks that he is. However, I really think and, therefore, I am what he and his colleagues can never be , that is, a Macedonian and not just a Macedonian but a Macedonian Greek because that is the only thing there is and, therefore I am one of them and there are two or more million Macedonian Greek people like myself.

And now let me just clarify and correct some points of interest he is talking about in that article of his. The 1903 uprising was not a Macedonian but a Bulgarian-led uprising to provoke and anger the Ottoman Turks and turn them against the Macedonian Greek people who were unjustly blamed for it and paid a heavy price for it while the Bulgarians and perhaps their South Slavonian allies took refuge up in the mountains.

So, the purpose of the so-called Illinden uprising was not organized to scare away the Ottoman Turks but the Macedonian Greek people and, subsequently, force them to move towards the South part of the Country, to the real and true land of Macedonia.

The years 1912 and 1913 were just as good for the Bulgarians and the Serbians as they were for the the Greeks because it was they who invaded Macedonia and took away almost half of that land. But I always wanted to know where were his people, the South Slavonians or so-called Macedonians by him during those two years of fighting. Were they invisible or non-existent or were they either Bulgarians or Serbians whatever seemed to work at that time.

What happened in 1922 was a mutually agreed exchange of population between Greece and Bulgaria and it was done for the purpose of giving back to the Macedonian and other Greek people access to their land while it allowed the Bulgarian population to go back to their original country which they had come from years ago to settle in our Macedonian land in order to change the demographic composition of that land but failed to accomplish their mission.

Let me just say that neither the Bulgarians nor the Serbians had any right whatsoever to our Macedonian Greek land. Whatever land they were able to grab from us, they did it by the use of military force because we, the Macedonian Greek people, could not fight the Ottoman Turks and then the Serbians and the Bulgarians at the same time. So, whatever land now the South Slavonians happen to inhabit now was ceded to to them by the Serbians under the punitive elements of death and destruction by the American airplanes.

The so-called Greek civil war and the abduction of the Macedonian Greek children was the Yugoslavian grand plan to usurp more Macedonian land from its rightful owners and give it to the South Slavonian people in order to expand their earlier occupied Macedonian land and then, let say, unite it with the real Macedonian land to create a greater Yugoslavia then, but a grater Macedonia now. Let me also tell Mr. Stefov that he is a big liar because we protested the abduction of the young children and we wanted them back immediately but the South Slavonians had other plans for them as it is evident with him. They obviously wanted to or janissarize and, consequently, de-Hellenize those children and ,then, when they grow up to become the Trojan Horse and be used against their own people for the purpose of taking away the so-called Aegean Macedonia as though it ever belonged to them at any timein the past or they ever had any historical or ethnologigal rights over that land.

I would also like to refer to another lie of his that we, the Greeks assimilated the Macedonian people with the Greek people.Well, I say to Mr. Stefov, please, don´t pretend to be so stupid or ignorant because the Macedonian people were Greek to begin with and , therefore, did not need to be assimilated with the other Greeks.However,there might have there some old Bulgarian renegades who remained in Greece instead of going back to motherland Bulgaria but nobody forced anyone of them into a compulsory assimilation but, if it happened, it was just a natural process dictated by time alone and nothing else.

I, also, need to remind this man that we did not change but simply restored and rightfully so the names of villages and toponyms to their original Macedonian Greek names and that was a very appropriate act because we did not want those names to remind us of our Bulgarian or Turkish occupation.

If anybody wanted to know something about torture, he should have visited concentration camps in former Yugoslavia as well as other former Communist countries where Mr. Stefov himself and thousands of his fellow Greek children were forced to become South Slavonian janissaries just like the Ottoman Turks did to the young children of the countries which they happen to occupy. He probably does not remember but I am sure that he endured a lot of pain suffering in order to become such an obedient janissary.

Finally, I want to ask Mr. Stefov how could it be possible that in his convoluted mind to even think that Macedonia could be considered to be South Slavonian or just plain Slavic land when he and the whole world know that Macedonia has been Greek or Hellenic for more than two millennia and the South Slavonian people have been here for almost a millennium themselves but NOT in Macedonia but in what used to be ancient Paeonia and Dardania.

So, neither the land nor the people of, say, FYROM are related in any way with Macedonia/Macedonians unless they happened to be insane, paranoid or schizophrenic to think that way and if they do they need help immediately and desperately and not hesitate to ask for it and get it, too.

N. Hodges

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