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former yugoslav republic of macedonia2 FYROM   Federalization Rumored in Strasbourg

Skopje 24 Ore 15 Apr 10 p 3

Report by Muamer Saqipi: “Federalization Rumored in Strasbourg”

If the institutions continue to block the implementation and advancement of the Albanians’ demands deriving from the Oher [Ohrid] accord, that will then in turn necessitate putting the federalization project on the table.  This idea is now being considered and has already become a topic of discussions in Strasbourg among EU Assembly deputies: mainly Greek, Belgian, French, and German deputies and ones from other Euro-Western countries.   These reports are also confirmed by journalist Faruk Ismetoglu, a 24 Ore correspondent from Strasbourg, who has said that things are likely to move in this direction if [FYR]Macedonia continues to block the implementation of the Oher accord and reforms and persists in disrespecting the ethnic Albanian community, which is the second dominant ethnic community after the [FYR]Macedonian

“This issue is now being discussed at formal meetings and debates among European deputies and everything will depend on official Shkup [Skopje], where internal problems are deepening, thus blocking [FYR]Macedonia’s Euro-integration processes,” Ismetoglu has stressed. The federalization issue has also become part of domestic debates in [FYR]Macedonia, especially among Albanian political parties, which insist on considering federalization if the country fails to implement the Oher agreement. In addition, international representatives have also sounded the alarm that this agreement is at risk and therefore demand that the dynamics and activities for its implementation be stepped up. 

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