FYROM’s national statistics regarding Economy may not reflect reality according to experts

Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia

FYROM’s economy may  not reflect reality, experts state

” There is a good reason to assume statistics doesn’t reflect reality,” said Sam Vaknin, an Israeli business analyst to waz.euobserver.com. According to the article Vaknin also suspects FYROM’s public finance statistics are unreliable or politically manipulated. Furthermore Vaknin questioned the decision of the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia’s National Bank to change its methodology for calculating foreign investment three times in the last couple of years

However Vaknin is not the only expert who believes there is something wrong with FYROM’s National Statistics. “I don’t want to believe there is manipulation of statistical data in the State Statistical Office,”  economic expert Den Doncev said. “But there are some indicators that are really strange, inexplicable and contradicted by reality.”

If they are right FYROM is getting into serious troubles and a public uproar is expected to spark both at home and abroad.

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