Greece crushes FYROM with 11-5 in the opening day of Men’s European Qualification Tournament


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Volos, GREECE - Greece easily defeated FYROM with11-5 in the Premiere of the Second Group for Men’s European Qualification Tournament in Water Polo. The Greek players showed from the start who will dominate the match.

 The Greek team put the game out of reach by outscoring FYROM to a 5-1 advantage in the first quarter. In the second quarter the two teams scored each by 2 goals and the halftime ended with Greece to take a 7-3  advantage. 

 In the third quarter nothing changed dramatically with both teams scoring by one goal. In the last quarter the Greek players outscored those of FYROM by an 3-1 margin to finish out the game with final score 11-5.

Doskas finished the game with 4 goals and lead safely Greece, while Mourikis found the back of the net three times. I. Fountoulis scored twice, while Delakas and Colombos added by a goal each.

Coach Tasos Doubas said, “Our team is very quick and agile. We surprised them from the very begining. We are the favourite to lead the Group, not only because  we play at home but also because of our Players value.”

Tomorrow Matches : 18:00 France-FYROM, 20:00 Greece-Slovenia

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