FYROM: In 2010, With 2001 Mentality

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - FYROM - ΠΓΔΜ - Πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβική Δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας

Skopje Lajm 30 Apr 10 – 02 May 10 pp 2,3

Report by Albina Hajdari: “In 2010, With 2001 Mentality!”
The political situation in [FYR]Macedonia is very critical because the authorities may stage an armed incident in Albanian areas in order to avoid international pressure over the issue of the name of the country and over the implementation of the Oher [Ohrid] Agreement.  These warning have come from Albanian analysts, who have said that Albanians fall victims every time when the authorities in [FYR]Macedonia need to make important decisions.
Analyst Kim Mehmeti said that, every time when an important decision has to be made in this country, Albanians fall victims.  “It is not surprising if that happens because it has become a practice in [FYR]Macedonia.  Whenever the authorities needed to hide a big problem, they would stage a crisis situation in which Albanians were blamed as the culprits.  Sincerely, I expect something similar to happen these days,” Mehmeti said.
Xhezair Shaqiri, who was known as Commander Hoxha during the 2001 war, has also warned about the likelihood of similar scenarios.  “There is no doubt that there will be provocations by the mono-ethnic Slav-Macedonian police.  Gruevski is not very brave, but he understands that, as long as Ahmeti [chairman of Democratic Union for Integration] and Thaci [chairman of Democratic Party of Albanians], he can attack Albanians whenever he wants and there will be no response.  But, maybe someone will emerge to resist these attacks, similar to Tanushe [Tanusevci], which has been resisting for the past three years,” Commander Hoxha said.
Another reason for the escalation of the situation could be the political failure of [FYR]Macedonians.  “In this country, [FYR]Macedonian politicians have always tried to hide their failures behind the Albanian danger,” Mehmeti said.
The Lajm has learned that, on Wednesday [ 28 April], around 30 police vehicles headed toward the villages of the Shkup Karadak [Skopska Crna Gora], Breze [Brest], Maline [Malino], and Tanushe [Tanusevci].
The circumstances in which weapons were seized at the Bllace [Blace] border crossing on Thursday [ 29 April].
Analyst Ismail Sinani, too, is concerned about the current situation.
Unfortunately, the rhetoric of the international community has recently become similar to the rhetoric during 2001 and especially during 2002 and 2003.  Their appeals for calm are a clear sign that something is not functioning properly in [FYR]Macedonia.  Whether there will be incidents, it is not up to me to predict, but the past is a warning that something that no one wants could happen,” Sinani said.
He thinks that, based on bitter experiences of the Albanian people in Macedonia, old methods could be used this time, too.  “Governments in [FYR]Macedonia and especially the current one led by Gruevski, could stage things in order to cause tremors among the public in order to divert the attention from the real problems, such as the failure to resolve the name issue,” Sinani said.
On the other hand, Commander Hoxha warned that the Albanians’ patience was running out.  “I do not know how much longer Albanians can put up with these attacks by Gruevski.  I did not like the statement of foreign ambassadors, who said that the Oher Agreement was not dead.  Albanian citizens in [FYR]Macedonia do not see any effect of this agreement in their everyday lives,” Hoxha said.
The disappearance of Albanian children is also very suspicious, as it increases fear among the population.  These suspicions increase when you think that [FYR]Macedonian children never disappear and what purpose the police have.
Hoxha: Gruevski Is a Coward
Gruevski is weak.  He is one of the politicians who are ignorant in politics.  He is one of the biggest nationalists in the Balkans.  He does not motivate you for war.  He is a coward that only Thaci and Ahmeti have allowed to mistreat all Albanians in Macedonia,” Xhezair Shaqiri-Hoxha said.

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