Macedonian Soldier

Nick Michael Hodges
May 15, 2010
I am writing this letter to inform Risto Stefov that there was probably no greater glory than to be a soldier of ancient Macedonia and for somebody to be a Macedonian soldier at that time he had to be a Greek or a non-Greek trained in the Macedonian Greek military warfare.

Risto Stefov always tries to entertain and amuse his readers with his misleading and deceptive articles whose sole purpose is to promote his fraudulent version of pseudo-Macedonism and hence make a possible connection of himself and his South Slavonian Slav people with the ancient Macedonians and their famous leaders such as Philip II and Alexander the Great.

So, in his most recent article published in the American Chronicle on May 12, 2010 he is talking about Alexander the Greats´ campaign in Asia and all their accomplishments that made the world notice and know the Macedonians as Greeks and not people having anything to do with the South Slavonian Slavs who happen to inhabit now ancient Paeonia and Dardania.

He goes on by exalting the Macedonian soldiers for their bravery, skill, discipline and determination without saying one word about their Greekness but trying to create the false impression that those ancient Macedonian people and the modern pseudo-Macedonian South Slavonian Slavs have things in common or that they may be the same kind of people.

Well, Mr. Stefov I agree with you that the Macedonian soldiers were “super human” and that is because they were, at least for the most part, Greek people like those of the mainland of Hellas but perhaps better trained and more advanced in the art of fighting and they owe a lot of that to the ancient people of Thebes where Philip II was held as a hostage and was trained by the Theban General Pelopidas.

I also agree with him that Macedonia at the time of Philip was being picked on by its neighbors as it is the case now with ancient Macedonia´s northern neighbors, the South Slavonians who in the years 1912-1913 got part of ancient Macedonia for themselves and with the help of either the Bulgarians or the Serbians and now they think they want more or perhaps they want it all since the also use but fraudulently the same name for themselves as the ancient Macedonians did.

So, then since they make an arbitrary, unauthorized and fraudulent use of the same Macedonia/Macedonian names they must be “Macedonian” people as though we the real and true Macedonian Greek people have ceased to exist or became extinct for some reason or other that is convenient to them to promote their fraud and forgery of our Macedonia/Macedonian names.

I want my readers to know and know well that if there are Macedonian territories being occupied, they are occupied, as I said earlier, by the South Slavonian Slavs with the help of their former allies Bulgaria and Serbia and not by Greece. Actually, we the Macedonian Greek people lost territory to them because we could not protect it all against or northern neighbors.
We, Macedonian Greek people cannot recognize any other Macedonian identity besides our own, the Macedonian Greek identity. There cannot be two people with the same Macedonian identity. One of them must be false and fraudulent and I do not think it is necessary for me to tell my readers who are the phony ones and the fake ones.

I say to Mr. Stefov that Macedonians exist and they are all Greek people like their ancestors and they are the citizens of the Macedonian province of northern Greece. There are no other Macedonians and no Macedonian State other than the Greek people of the Macedonian province of Greece which the only and true historical and classic Macedonia, the one and only Macedonia that was visited by St.Paul when he was called by God to go there and preach to them the word of God.

Let me also say that the Bulgarians are wrong in recognizing their country as “Macedonia” because it is not and never has been but they right when they consider the South Slavonian Slavs to be Bulgarians because they truly are Bulgarian renrgades.

I want to say to Mr. Stefov that Alexander the Great did not only have fifteen thousand soldiers when he entered Asia but more like forty thousand soldiers but the question is what does he have to do with those soldiers who were Greek people and he and his people are South Slavonian Slavs with no relationship whatsoever with us the Macedonian Greek people who are the only and true descendants of the ancient Macedonians and our Macedonian Greek land is the only and true Macedonia the world has ever known since ancient times.

Finally, I would like to say to him that there cannot be another state by that same name of “Macedonia” especially when that other state was never a part of historic and classic Macedonia but it was the land of the ancient Paeonians and Dardanians and I challenge anybody to prove wrong.

Last but not least Risto Stefov makes a transition from Alexander´s soldiers to the South Slavonian Slav soldiers that are supporting NATO and confuses one with the other one as though they were the same thing or coming from the same people. His delusion and delirium are beyond human comprehension and there is no limit to the amount of lying, deception and fraud being used to victimize the readers of his articles as well as government officials, historians and intellectuals including the head of the Catholic religion, Pope Benedict XVI. NH

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