Greek Man was beaten and robbed in FYROM


former yugoslav republic of macedonia Greek Man was beaten and robbed in FYROM

MONASTIRI, FYROM – A Greek man was attacked and beaten in Monastiri (Bitola) by 3 persons. The robbers stole his passport along with 320 Euros.

The incident took part around 4 am, according to the announcement of FYROM’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The announcement mentioned the 54 y.o Greek man was returning back from the local casino in the hotel «Hotele Epinal Bitola». Whilst he was outside from the hotel speaking with a friend, they both were attacked by 3 persons.

The Greek National suffered injuries to his head and body.

FYROM’s police arrested the 24 y.o. Taxi Driver whose taxi was used by the criminals According to the announcement, 2 of those involved in the attack and robbery have been identified.

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