Turkey’s Shortsightedness

By Paul B. Adjemian, Montréal, 10 June 2010

Why has Turkey failed to convince the European Union (EU) to admit it as a full-fledged member? Simple, it’s due to its typical dogmatic mentality of “I know”, “I am right”, “I want”, “I won’t” and, of course, “my way”.

Turkey fails to see that membership in a family requires
harmony, understanding, appreciation and respect for others’ opinions. The EU believes in all-for-one-and-one-for-all brotherhood.

There is an insatiable need for pride and recognition, most likely inherited from the Ottoman empire, the  predecessor of today’s Turkey. Yet it loves to deny any association, especially regarding Ottoman failures and barbaric mentality.

Turkey falsely analyzes its reflection in the mirror: What it sees is a new version of the old Ottoman posture, minus the mustache and maybe the beard. This false and repulsive reflection will not change until Turkey and the Turks come to terms with their past, but pride comes in the way.

Deep down Turkey has come to terms with its failure to demonstrate its worthiness to become a member and has taken an alternative route–rule the Islamic less-than-developed countries whose economies rely on trade of raw materials in return for manufactured goods and tourism.

This, of course, is a bonanza for Turkey–to become the sole broker for raw materials to the West and in return be the sole supplier of finished goods to the East. In doing so it becomes an industrialized country, thanks largely to western technology.

Evidently Turkey’s shortsightedness is in question. The Ottomans ruled for 600 years employing terror, but petroleum has a much shorter life span. Turkey cannot buy western inventiveness or ingenuity. The technology change for alternate fuels has already begun.

Petroleum-based economies will adapt but petroleum suppliers may not and Turkey once again will implode.

Source: Keghart.com

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