The leaders of FYROM need Psychiatrists according to FYROM’s Bulgarians



News The leaders of FYROM need Psychiatrists according to FYROMs Bulgarians

The leaders of FYROM are “mentally ill”, according to Dragi Kirov, an activist of Initiative Committee of Bulgarians from  FYROM in an article found in Sofia News Agency.

Speaking at a news conference at the BTA agency in Sofia on Sunday, Kirov, a native of the town Veles in FYROM, urged the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to send psychiatrists to FYROM who can provide treatment to FYROM’s Government.

We don’t need tanks any more, we need psychiatrists,” declared Karov as he reminded that in the late 1990s the Bulgarian government of former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov gave FYROM for free 150 T-54 tanks, which were to be scrapped by the Bulgarian Army.

Karov according to the same report of Sofia News Agency attacked the government of FYROM, the President George Ivanov and FYROM’s Media, saying that they suffer  from a mental sickness.

Read the rest of the Article in Sofia News Agency

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