Human Rights Commission: “Accusations against South Australian Premier Mike Rann lack in substance”


Mike Rann Human Rights Commission: Accusations against South Australian Premier Mike Rann lack in substance

The Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann

The Human Rights Commission, according to “The Australian”,  found the South Australian Premier Mike Rann had no case to answer for his statements that FYROM was stealing Greek History and Culture, an accusation the Premier made in a speech at a Greek festival in Adelaide last year. Mr Rann had also condemned the President of FYROM G. Ivanov for  “stirring up trouble in a most dangerous way” with Greece.

Rann’s comments about FYROM stealing Greek History and Culture, a common fact  underlined a few months ago in a letter sent to President Obama by 364 eminent Professors of Graeco-Roman Antiquity, sparked a complaint to the HRC by FYROM’s community in South Australia accusing him allegedly of racism. However the Judge Catherine Branson ruled it to be “lacking in substance“.

Mr Rann has repeatedly stated the obvious. Namely that the modern Hellenes are indisputably the rightful heirs of the Ancient Macedonian History and Culture.  A Truth that the Slavs of FYROM and their Diaspora simply cannot stand.

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