Travels in Macedonia, Greece – Beautiful Pictures from Berge / Bisaltia / Serres

By Fani P.

Berge or Berga (Greek: Βέργα or Βέργη) was an ancient Greek town in Bisaltia, north-west of Amphipolis, founded by Thasians as a dependent colony and emporion sometime in the 5th century BC and later colonized by 1000 Athenians. Later soures call it a polis. According to Strabo it was a village of the Bisaltae and Ptolemy writes that it was in the territory of the Odomanti. Bergaioi are listed in the Thracian phoros of the Delian League. If Bergaioi are related to Berge and not the king Bergaios, it suggests that it became Athenian colony/cleruchy after 429/8 BC, the last report of Bergaioi in the tribute lists.

It was the homeland of Antiphanes of Berge (4th century BC), writer of the book Apista’ (Unbelievable).

Antiphanes of Berge (or Antiphanes the Younger, Greek: Ἀντιφάνης ὁ Βεργαῖος, 4th century BC) in Thrace, near Amphipolis, was a Greek writer of the book Ἄπιστα (Apista; “unbelievable”). Strabo mentions him as an impostor, because Antiphanes wished the reader to believed everything in his book when they are falsehood. It was due to Antiphanes, who lived in Athens, that the Attic verb βεργαΐζειν (bergaizein) was used in the sense of telling unbelievable stories. He also wrote a work on courtezans. He is not to be confused with Antiphanes of Argos, which some ancient writer has done.

Beautiful Pictures of lakes, mountains, birds and wildlife in Berge / Bisaltia /Serres (Macedonia, Greece)

 (Photos @ Markos Markoudis)


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