FYROM’s Constitutional Court decides against Gruevski’s government plans on the Albanian first-graders

The constitutional Court of FYROM justified ethnic Albanians on the controversial issue of which ethnic Albanian students should start learning the Official language of the State, in the second term of the first grade.

The decision of the FYROM’s Ministry of Education had sparked a serious uproar from Ethnic Albanians in FYROM.  Parties, politicians and NGOs of Albanian background declared that this decision was in conflict with the both the law and the Constitution of the state.

 According to the Article 42 of the education law, as they stated, the other ethnic groups should start studying the Official language of the Slavic Majority in the fourth grade. In addition, this decision contravened the Constitution.

Albanian NGOs provided a petition signed by 14,000 teachers, parents and citizens to Education Minister Nikola Todorov to repeal his decision. Furthemore  Ethnic Albanians appealed against this decision before the Constitutional Court of FYROM and it’s decision now totally justifies them.

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