“History of Macedonia” by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington


errington cover History of Macedonia by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington

R. Malcolm Errington, ‘A History of Macedonia
University of California Press, February 1993, pg 3

errington p3 History of Macedonia by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington

That the Macedonians and their kings did in fact speak a dialect of Greek and bore Greek names may be regarded nowadays as certain.”


Page 4

errington p4 History of Macedonia by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington

“Ancient allegations that the Macedonians were non-Greeks all had their origin in Athens at the time of the struggle with Philip II. Then as now, political struggle created the prejudice. The orator Aeschines once even found it necessary, in order to counteract the prejudice vigorously fomented by his opponents, to defend Philip on this issue and describe him at a meeting of the Athenian Popular Assembly as being ‘Entirely Greek’. Demosthenes’ allegations were lent on appearance of credibility by the fact, apparent to every observer, that the life-style of the Macedonians, being determined by specific geographical and historical conditions, was different from that of a Greek city-state. This alien way of life was, however, common to western Greeks of Epiros, Akarnania and Aitolia, as well as to the Macedonians, and their fundamental Greek nationality was never doubted. Only as a consequence of the political disagreement with Macedonia was the issue raised at all.”


errington p7 History of Macedonia by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington

Macedonian horsemen together with those of their Thessalian neighbours were later regarded as the BEST IN GREECE, a fact from which extensive horse breeding can be inferred.” -pg 7


errington p43 History of Macedonia by Prof. R. Malcolm Errington

“The Molossians were the strongest and, decisive for Macedonia, most easterly of the three most important Epirote tribes, which, like Macedonia but unlike the Thesprotians and the Chaonians, still retained their monarchy. They were Greeks, spoke a similar dialect to that of Macedonia, suffered just as much from the depredations of the Illyrians and were in principle the natural partners of the Macedonian king who wished to tackle the Illyrian problem at its roots.”


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