Journalism in FYROM under Fire – Dismissed Journalists complain against Government’s Cencorship

The failure to uphold the free expression is a worrying sign for the future of press freedom in the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia. This shows the recent dismissal of Journalists from Kanal 5 TV under “vague reasons”.

The journalists who were dismissed have already complained to FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski and also to the owner of the Kanal 5 TV, where they express their complains about the censorship of the  government.

As a result, FYROM’s dailies will also protest in favour of the dismissed journalists and against Government’s interference with their editorial freedom, using the motto, “Stop the pressure on the media”.

The dismissed Journalists have also informed the international community about the latest events According to infos from FYROM’s Media,  up to now, their fellow Kanal 5 TV colleagues have declined to comment the case.

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Michael says:

Why am i not surprised,this idiotic goverment are sending this small country into oblivion.Fyrom needs a change of politicians if you can call them that or this small country will suffer war and partition not to mention poverty for years to come.The big powers of the world should stop supporting these idiots who call themselves politicians before is to late but as is the norm the big europian countries are just muppets to the USA.I foresee blood shed soon.