15 August 1974 – The treason of Ammochostos – Chilling events that have marked our lives


“15 August 1974 – The treason of Ammochostos  – Chilling events that have marked our lives”
For Immediate Release: August 14, 2010

“Simerini starts the two page coverage by “Panos Ioannides a lawyer, refugee from Ammochostos and president of the Movement for Freedom and Justice in Cyprus, gave us a right from the heart narration of the events of the capture of Ammochostos. His testimony constitutes proof of a treason, is food for thought and reminds all those who prefer to forget, “all that follows in this narration is not just memories” he says, “ are facts, deeply marked in the minds and hearts of all those who were unfortunate enough to live them. Facts that have changed our way of thinking and drove each one of us to his own “Vow in life”…” and he starts: …”

Title of the article:  “15 August 1974 – The treason of Ammochostos  – Chilling events that have marked our lives”


The second link below is another article by journalist/researcher Fanoulla Argyrou titled the” American involvement before and after 1974” and refers to the wrong assumption arrived by some writers regarding the American role over Cyprus. Mrs. Argyrou puts the record straight as to the true facts and supports that historically one cannot have a proper historical view of the American involvement by solely depending on some American documents simply because the American involvement is secondary and supportive to the British role which retains the direct involvement and primary role through the years over Cyprus. The Cyprus issue is a British issue and not an American one. Primary source for proper historical analysis of facts are the British documents and not the American ones.


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